Dulibadzimo Gorge

Dulibadzimo Gorge whose name is tied to ancient Venda sacred cultures is said to have lost its traditional sanctity when white men arrived in this country.

Clear blue waters flow through the rock enclave.

It was called Dulibadzimo which means the mortar of the gods because of the grinding sound which used to come out of the rocks.

However, things changed when modernity came and for now it is only the sound of the waterfalls that one hears.

Now reduced only to a beautiful spectacle, Mr Ndwakhulu Moyo, a Makakabule clan elder, who were the custodians of this once revered shrine, says it was an important place.

He tells the story of a bare breasted girl who used to sit upon the rocks at the gorge.

It was a shrine where traditional rites used to be carried out.

It would rain and the gods of Vhendaland would provide aplenty.

But one day the white men who had just invaded Zimbabwe decided the noise of the waterfall was too much and thus giving them sleepless nights.

“They blasted the rocks where the shrine stood upon and desecrated the place,” said Mr Moyo, an elder from the Makakabule clan.

The people of this land, however, still revere the place.

Even after telling a local about a visit to the gorge, one gets that, “you don’t know what you just did” look.

Its sanctity might be gone, but it is still held in awe.