Livestock owners in semi-arid to arid Mberengwa district are worried over declining pastures and dwindling water sources due to the high temperatures which continue to rise in the area.
The coming of the dry season is not usually a good moment for livestock owners as they lose a lot of livestock.
As the temperatures continue rising and the heat beats upon the earth, livestock in villages of Matshona, Chizungu, Chingezi, Zverenje and Marirazhombe has fallen victim.
The pastures have completely disappeared and the desperate livestock scrounge for the little remaining water.
Villagers have a few haystacks of dried maize stock which however is far from enough.
They are worried that the situation is further complicated by expensive stock feed which they cannot afford to buy.
What has further made life difficult for the villagers and their livestock is that the major source of water, Silemba dam was swept away by the devastating floods of the 2016-2017 season.
Considering the importance of livestock to rural communities, this is a time which gives many headaches to villagers.