Prolonged dry spells have for years threatened the food security and livelihoods of many rural families in Zimbabwe who don’t have irrigation technology and depend entirely on rain fed agricultural.

The sales and marketing manager of the new seed variety Mr Moses Kudanga said their seeds are designed to withstand drought conditions, extreme heats or colds in order to maximise production and ensure food security in the face of Elnino induced drought.

“This initiative was aimed at improving productivity in the face of drought and erratic climatic changes in the country,” he said.

Farmers who spoke to ZBC News during the Bindura Agricultural Expo said the new seed variety adapts to effects of climate change and ultimately up-scale productivity levels and ensure food security.

“There’s need for us as farmers to use such hybrid seeds as they are drought tolerant and you’re guaranteed of high yields and food security,” said one farmer.

Another farmer said: “As farmers we are equally happy with the outcome form these hybrid seeds. My household will never lack food. Most definitely I will get additional income from the sale of the surplus maize produce since I’m guaranteed of high yields”.

The new drought tolerant  seed varieties are aimed at maximising production under prolonged dry spells and improve food security in the country.