More than 34 000 households in Chiredzi are reported to be food insecure during this peak hunger period.

An appeal has thus been made for the government to increase its allocation on the drought relief programme.

Some areas in Chiredzi are yet to receive any rains this summer cropping season, casting grave worries of a serious drought.

Some families are surviving on government assistance through the drought relief programme.

The livestock situation is now dire as grazing lands are clear and villagers are now having to fetch them water from far away boreholes for their animals.

Chiredzi South legislator, Retired Brigadier General Callisto Gwanetsa met with traditional leaders in his area and appealed to the communities to consider selling some of their herd for sustenance purposes so that they can compliment government’s food handout assistance programme.

“I understand that our area is now under threat from drought especially our livestock considering that we have not received any significant rains. It is time we make tough decisions that we sustain the little we have especially for those with large herds of cattle, let’s sell some of them so that we buy feed,” he said.

According to statistics from the District Administrator’s office, out of 90 000 households in Chiredzi, 34 000 are food insecure during this hunger period and only 19 000 are receiving assistance from the government through the drought relief programme, hence the need for an additional 16 000 metric tonnes of maize to cushion food insecure households.