Chief Banga of Shurugwi’s drip irrigation project set up by the Tongogara Community Share Ownership Trust to boost the Zunde Ramambo programme is testament of the benefits of good water management.

Government’s ambitious project to set up 200 hectares under irrigation in every district throughout the country testifies a commitment to eradicate poverty and hunger from the grassroots to the national level.

This is exactly where projects like Chief Banga’s Zunde Ramambo support drip irrigation ventures also come in to compliment.

A thriving vegetable, tomato and maize garden has brought Chief Banga immense relief as he can now grow a variety of crops all year round and support some of the vulnerable families in his area who depend on him for food.

He said the irrigation has helped increase food security in his area especially during the dry season were they used to struggle to find food for the vulnerable.

Chief Banga is one of the four chiefs from Shurugwi who benefitted from Tongogara Community Share Ownership Scheme which established drip irrigation schemes at the Chief’s homestead to boost the Zunde Ramambo programme.

Such initiatives though demand comprehensive water management styles that include smart harnessing and preservation of rain water in reservoirs for future use under crop irrigation or even domestic use, have brought a sigh of relief to the Shurugwi residents.