Irate Chinhoyi fans disrupted a musical gala at Chinhoyi Stadium where Sungura musician Romeo Gasa was meant to launch his 6th album.

Hell broke loose for musicians who had turned up to back Gasa on the occasion of the launch of his 6th album as hundreds of fans who had failed to pay the admission fee went berserk and repeatedly threw stones at the stage from outside the stadium.

The fans also damaged part of the stadium’s precast wall.

First Farai left the stage in a huff after performing only one song as a barrage of stones were hurled from outside the stadium as soon as he took to the stage.

The same fate also befell other groups.

The fans complained over a $3 admission fee which they felt was beyond their reach.

Gasa who was the star attraction and fellow musician Simon Mutambi said they had underestimated the possible turn out adding the admission fee was fair given there were a number of artists billed to perform on the night.

Road show manager Munyaradzi Danha said the fans mistook the show for a free gala given the posters had Radio Zimbabwe as a partner.

He said they have become used to attending Radio Zimbabwe free shows and thought the musical gala was also for free.

The organisers later gave in to the demands of the fans and allowed them free entry around 2am.

The artists forgot about the earlier fracas and put up a scintillating act.

Several fans were injured in the mayhem with some having been hospitalised.