A self-styled Bulawayo based prophet Lazarus Siziba claims to have cleansed two goblin like objects suspected to have terrorised Cowdray Park residents in a day that was filled with a lot of drama.

It sounds like a script good enough for a horror movie.

For two weeks, these residents of Cowdray Park have not known peace as some invisible objects suspected to be goblins are said to have been throwing stones damaging property and injuring people day and night.

Two groups of prophets some from as far as South Africa are said to have failed to solve the residence’ problems up until they engaged one Siziba, who put on a spectacular show to cleanse the two houses suspected

 to have been housing the goblins with some not convinced with his antics.

The suspected owners of the goblins Mr Titi Gumbo and Mrs Future Khumalo raised suspicions on the way the goblin hunters carried their business while denying ownership of the objects said to have been found in their houses.

Founder of the Holy Spirit Apostolic Church Prophet Sindisani Maphosa, however, said their antics were genuine promising the Cowdray Park residents that their problems are finally over.

 The Cowdray Park goblins issue has rekindled debate around the Witchcraft Act as residence have begun to point fingers at each other, despite the fact that the suspected goblins have since been burnt by the goblin hunters signaling their end.