joshua_nkomo.jpgWith just a few days before the 11th anniversary of the passing on of Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, former colleagues in the struggle have recalled his vision and passion for land redistribution to indigenous Zimbabweans.

Affectionately known as “Father Zimbabwe” for his immeasurable contributions to Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence and self determination, the late nationalist’s vision for land to all indigenous Zimbabweans began way back before independence.

Veteran nationalist, Dr Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, says Father Zimbabwe’s vision of “land for all” was fundamental in shaping his political ideals.

“His ideals on land redistribution were fundamental and when he spoke about why the country went to a bloody struggle, he was never shy of pointing out that land was the reason,” he said.

Former ZIPRA cadre, Colonel Tshinga Dube, says Dr Nkomo was passionate about land to a point where he envisioned successful black landowners involved in national production, thus proving that indigenous people could also produce for the nation.

He said, “He was convinced that if given a chance black people could also be as productive as white farmers and even surpass levels set by the whites.”

At the Lancaster House Conference in 1979, the land question was a sticky issue which almost derailed negotiations with the Patriotic Front led by Dr Joshua Nkomo and Cde Robert Mugabe wanting assurance that black people will be able to get back their land.