dpm mutambara 18.11.10.jpgDeputy Prime Minister, Professor Arthur Mutambara, has unreservedly condemned the rowdy behaviour by MDC-T parliamentarians who continued disrupting parliamentary proceedings through heckling and interjections.


MDC-T MPs are continuing their rowdy behavior in Parliament, with the latest being the continuous disruption of parliamentary proceedings during a debate on a motion moved by Mount Darwin North constituency legislator, Cde Dick Mafios, to pay tribute to the late national hero, Cde Ephraim Masawi.


Cde Masawi died on the 25th of September after a long battle with leukemia and was buried at the national shrine on 30 September this year.


Speaking in Parliament, Professor Mutambara labeled the MDC-T parliamentarians as cowards and made it clear that he would not tolerate unbecoming behaviour in the august house.


“I will not allow such behaviour in this house. If you are not a coward stand up, we need to foster a culture of cooperation,”’ he challenged.


The heckling and demeaning utterances to a declared national hero by MDC-T House of Assembly members have been described as alien to the African tradition.


It follows the same pattern of behaviour exhibited by MDC-T senators that forced the adjournment of the Senate last week.


Justice and Legal Affairs Minister, Cde Patrick Chinamasa and parliamentarian, Professor Jonathan Moyo, have since condemned the behaviour of MDC-T parliamentarians, which they described as foolish and as acts of hooliganism which could lead to elections sooner than the time frame of mid next year as announced by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe.


If Parliament stops its business of orderly debate and passing of laws, President Mugabe could use his constitutional powers to dissolve it and call for elections.