Youths must guard against being used as political objects by selfish politicians advancing their own personal interests.

The call was made by Mutare West legislator, Dr Christopher Mushohwe, who is also the Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services.

Reviewing the outcomes of the recently held Presidential Youth Interface rally in Mutare yesterday, Dr Mushohwe cautioned youths to guard against being used by politicians for their own personal and selfish agendas and to respect the authority bestowed on them.

Explaining the effects of disregarding the respect of the appointing authority by politicians and youths being used for selfish means, Dr Mushohwe used the Biblical analogy of Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem, saying the red carpet treatment was never for the donkey but Jesus the rider.

He therefore reminded politicians that their popularity hinge on the authority of President Mugabe.

With the 2018 general elections around the corner, youths who are the vanguard of the party, have often been accused of being disenfranchised as they are used by politicians.