An  88 year old woman  from Stanmore in Gwanda got the shock of her life after discovering that some of her donkeys which went missing for two weeks had been brutally killed and stuffed in one of her kitchen huts.

It is said in Ethiopia when a donkey dies the women cling together and weep – such is the importance of a donkey in Africa.

Seven of Gogo Alice Dube’s donkeys which were her only source of livelihood went missing two weeks ago.

Two of the donkeys that she had been searching for all along had been brutally killed with a spear and dragged into one of her kitchen huts.

The heartbroken widow says she used to generate some income from using her donkeys and cart to transport goods for people in the local community.

Gogo Dube could not understand why the perpetrators did such a her heinous act.

Hopes of ever recovering the remaining five donkeys have been shattered as stock theft is rampant in the province.

Last year Matabeleland South received 476 reports where 1 715 cattle were stolen compared to 1 505 in 2015.