Fears abound that donkey meat could be on sale to unsuspecting consumers in Lions’ Den and surrounding areas.

The donkey meat scare follows discovery of skinned carcasses of donkeys in Lions’ Den over the past two and half months.

The recent incident involves two donkeys found with flesh cut off within a space of two days between Thursday and Friday last week in Lions’ Den.

The development has left many meat consumers fearing they could be unknowingly buying donkey meat from some butcheries.

A major victim of the rustling scam Mr Derreck Maguri says he lost 6 of his donkeys between December last year and last Friday and that four of the animals were later discovered skinned.

Last November another man from the same area also lost his two donkeys to the rustlers.

Donkeys are a source of income as they provided draught power with which to ferry and deliver building materials, among other construction structures in the new Lions’ Den suburb.

Police confirmed receiving reports of theft of donkeys and the discovery of the skinned animals in the Lions’ Den area.