boxxing.jpgFormer Lightweight and middleweight boxing champion Mordecai Donga, who’s making a return to the ring after a long layoff is upbeat ahead of his comeback title fight against Charles Manyuchi in Bulawayo on Friday.

Donga’s passion for the sport, which has somehow retreated into the doldrums in recent times, coupled with pleas from other boxers, promoters and friends to make a comeback compelled the tenacious former light and middleweight national champion to come out of retirement.

Donga’s ability to hold his own after a long period of inactivity will however come under scrutiny when he takes to the ring against Charles Manyuchi to contest the vacant middleweight title on Friday.

The former champion says despite his long layoff, he’s ready for the impending challenge.

Donga says: “The fight promises to be a good one. Some have dubbed it a grudge match but I am just taking it as an ordinary bout. Manyuchi is talented fighter but I’m playing my cards close to my chest and I am prepared for the fight.”

National light heavyweight champion Wesley Mcdade who’s Donga’s sparring partner reckons he has what it takes to emerge unscathed against Manyuchi.

“He has been working very well. Over the last few weeks there’s been a dramatic increase in his fitness levels as well as his punching power. He also comes with a lot of experience and I think that is going to pay off in the fight,” said Mcdade.

The middleweight title fight pitting Mordecai Donga and Charles Manyuchi, two of the country’s most resilient boxers will take place in Bulawayo on this Friday.