caps vs bosso.jpgFootball supporters who have been shunning local soccer matches since the end of the World Cup have blamed clubs for their poor administration which has resulted in the standards of the domestic league plummeting.

At a time when most people had believed that the 2010 World Cup which came to an end in South Africa last month will set alight the tone for an explosive PSL season on the local front, it seems the opposite has come to life.


Since the end of the World Cup, attendance in premiership matches have continued to dwindle and for the so called small teams the situation is even more heartbreaking.

A survey in the streets of Harare to find out the cause to this new phenomenon of apathy revealed some interesting angles.

“The truth is people don’t have money to go for the matches $3 is too much,” said one Caps Utd supporter.

‘The story we hear happening in football has made us lose interest, we are watching to see where it ends then maybe we will come back,” said one fan.

“Clubs are being run like tuck shops, players are going around begging for transport money to go for training. There is need to put proper club administration for our football because the football we watched during World Cup and what we are seeing now is different, so there is no need to go and watch,” another indicated.


“If you go for a soccer match, you will see the unexpected. The soccer matches are boring. The problem is the players are disgruntled too much because of the salaries and those good players just decide to go to South Africa to play there,” remarked a dynamos supporter.


Some clubs have even reduced gate charges but this has not helped boost attendances. With an unbranded league and no hope for an immediate solution in sight, probably the quickest avenue would be for local clubs to start realising the revenue they are losing in the sale of their club regalia made by fly-by nights who are remitting nothing to the clubs.