The message of keeping the environment clean has been cited as important in combating an outbreak of diseases.

This emerged at a clean-up campaign heldĀ  by pupils from various schools in Domboshava.

Headman Murape, Mr Tendai Mungate of ward 4 in Domboshava advised students who embarked on a clean-up campaign of the area to ensure the message of keeping the country clean is shared by all Zimbabweans.

Murape ward 4 junior councillor, who is also a junior parliamentarian, Felix Davison said the cleanup campaign is meant to foster the spirit of cleanliness in the community.

Once youths are aware that there is need to keep the environment clean, then the country is certainly set for a bright future said one entrepreneur, Mr Pasi Goredema.

He said many business people despite generating a lot of garbage are not reciprocating by assisting in cleaning up the environment.

The cleanup campaign saw students from various learning institutions in Goromonzi pick up litter at shopping centers as well as near the Domboshava caves.

Gastrointestinal, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, malaria skin diseases and respiratory allergies are the conditions caused by uncollected garbage.