For a very long time, the Doma people in Kanyemba, north of Zimbabwe, with their rich complex traditions and beliefs, has lived in isolation and has been marginalised from the modern infrastructural and technological development other communities are enjoying.

The tribe historically led a nomadic lifestyle and survived on hunting and gathering wild fruits and roots.

Though the Doma have little contact with the majority of the populace, many families lead settled lives as semi-foragers.

Some have built makeshift houses of pole and daga.

In order to survive the dangers of dangerous animals like elephants and lions, they have built grass and pole cages that are high enough to keep them safe.

Having been largely isolated for a very long time, a group of Doma people in Harare courtesy of a local church could not hide their joy as they got in contact with other people.

Speaking to the ZBC News, Mbire legislator, Cde Douglas Karoro said the Mbire area has no access to appropriate shelter, electricity, proper road infrastructure, water and sanitation facilities.

Chief Peter Enock Chapoto from Mbire expressed gratitude for the kind gesture by PHD Ministries, who have partnered the Mbire District Council for infrastructural development in the area.

The infrastructural development initiative seeks to compliment government efforts to bring development in the country through the ZIMASSET’s infrastructure and utilities cluster.