Junior doctors who had withdrawn their services have agreed to consult with their constituencies regarding the offers that have been made, following an urgent meeting held today (Thursday) with the Apex Council.

After the bipartite negotiating panel which failed to reach a consensus, the Ministry of Health and Child Care convened an urgent meeting attended by members of the Apex Council, Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, representatives from the Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZIMA) and ministry officials.

Following intensive deliberations, the parties agreed that some of the grievances raised by the junior doctors are genuine and must be addressed.

Fuel arrangements are now in place at most health institutions, medicine supplies are expected to start improving while the remaining $6 million from the $10 million car loan facility is available and the doctors will be accessing the loans soon.

The doctors then requested time to consult their constituencies regarding the offers put on the table.

ZIMA secretary general Dr Sacrifice Chirisa expressed optimism the consultations by junior doctors will yield positive results.

Expectations are that after today’s meeting the junior doctors will call off the strike.

Health workers apex council team leader Mr Panganai Chivese said issues raised by junior doctors are not unique as they reflect the same concerns being raised by other health professionals and efforts are being made to ensure that they are addressed.

The government indicated earlier that demands for payment in US dollars were remote as it is prioritising the procurement of medicines and fuel with the scarce currency at its disposal.