jonathan-moyo_.jpgZanu PF has vowed to stick by the COPAC National Report published in the media saying any attempt by the MDC-T and its western sponsors to meddle and subvert the people driven view articulated in the report will render the new constitution making process dead and pave way for general elections.

Political scientist and Zanu PF Politburo member, Professor Jonathan Moyo has reminded the MDC-T that there is no way the COPAC National Report was going to be kept a secret as it is a product of interparty discourse.


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Professor Moyo said any attempt by the MDC-T to deny a reflection of the people’s views is unacceptable as it will serve nothing but to kill the whole process and open room for election under the current constitution.

“If the MDC-T and its donors insist on this position, the consequences are very clear. It will render the whole constitutional process dead, they will kill it, and they have already put it in the intensive care. As Zanu PF we can only participate in a process that is people driven,” said Professor Moyo.

Political analyst, Goodson Nguni said the nation should keep any eagle eye on the MDC-T’s unbecoming behaviour of trying to push for a foreign driven constitution backed by their Western masters seeking to effect regime change.

“They can’t say it’s not a COPAC report. If it is not a COPAC national report, how are drafters drafting without that report? We know that the MDC-T represents the interests of the West, they want to smuggle issues of homosexuality and gay rights, that should not be allowed,” Nguni said.

As the process to draft a new constitution continues to twist and turn, with the MDC-T alleged to be working in conjunction with the West to smuggle the homosexuality and gay rights, observers feel it is high time that the country goes for elections with or without a new constitution.