farming in zimbabwe.jpgFarmers in Matebeleland region have been advised to plant a mixed variety of seed in light of uncertain rainfall patterns in the region for the 2010-11 agricultural season.


Provincial Agriculture Extension Officer for Bulawayo and Matebeleland North Province, Mr Dumisani Nyoni, said the seasonal rain forecast for the region indicates that there are 25% chances of below normal rainfall both in the first and second half of the season, 45% chances of normal rain and 35% chances of above normal rains.


He said in light of this, farmers in traditionally maize growing areas should plant a mixed variety of maize, while those in small grain growing areas should plant the small grains first before planting other cereals.


Mr Nyoni added that it is important for farmers to stagger their planting.


He said major business centres in Bulawayo and Hwange are well stocked with inputs and farmers can buy seed at market rates.