chiefs.jpgThe Chiefs’ Council says there is need for government to put in place modalities for the disbursement of inputs for the 2010-2011 summer cropping season to avoid late preparations as has become the norm during previous years.


As the nation prepares for the 2010-2011 summer cropping season, traditional leaders have recommended that government makes a plan for the disbursement of critical inputs using the traditional leadership structures.


Members of the Chiefs’ Council who met ahead of their annual congress next week, resolved that there should be a policy position to empower the traditional leaders to distribute the inputs early in areas under their jurisdiction as lack of timely disbursement of seeds and fertilisers has resulted in late planting.


Chiefs’ Council President, Chief Fortune Charumbira noted that the past seasons have not been very successful due to poor planning and failure by the relevant authorities to provide critical inputs on time.


“We have made a position that we should be actively involved in the distribution of inputs to avoid the mishaps that took place during the past few seasons,” Chief Charumbira said.


He said a major contentious issue that came out was of the country’s natural resources that are being exploited by multi-national companies without any meaningful benefits to the communities.


The traditional leaders are clamoring for a policy in which multi-national companies are compelled to develop the areas they operate in.


“Most of our resources are being exploited by foreigners without any meaningful benefits to the locals. We are saying government should come up with a clear policy that compels the companies to develop the areas they operate in,” he added.


The Chiefs’ Council also deliberated on the constitution making process and expressed satisfaction at the progress made and the contributions made regarding their power and authorities.


The traditional leaders from across the country will meet next week for their annual congress in Mashonaland West Province.