Society is often defined by its values and norms which centre on their culture, hence the preservation of culture remains crucial for a people to preserve their identity.

As Masvingo province celebrated the launch of Culture Week, the common message was that preservation of culture starts in the home.

Speaking on the sidelines of Masvingo Culture Week launch at the Great Zimbabwe Monuments, Chief Mugabe says society is deviating from cultural ways and norms of handling issues such as domestic violence, among other issues and this trend is worrisome and must stop.

He believes if society goes back to upholding traditional values in solving family disputes, cases of domestic violence will decrease.

“Ngatidzokerei patsika dzedu. Kuwirirana mudzimba. Vanhu vakunyanya kukonana mudzimba. Vana vakuudza vabereki huroyi, kusaziva tsika ikoko. (Let us go back to our cultural values. Living in harmony in the family. Disputes in the homes are rising. Children are now accusing parents of witchcraft. All this shows lack of respect for our culture),” he said.

Masvingo Minister of State Cde Shuvai Mahofa who officiated at the Culture Week launch also stressed the need for parents to instill cultural values in their children, adding that the school curriculum must also prioritise the teaching of cultural values and norms.

The launch saw various dance groups and individuals performing traditional pieces.