Families who were displaced by floods in Masvingo say the living conditions in the makeshift tents are becoming unbearable and they are appealing for aid to construct proper structures to accommodate them.

The 27th of February saw over 40 families in Chivi and Mashava in Masvingo Province losing their homes as a result of the floods that hit the area.

Makeshift tents were availed for the families with the hope that they will manage to build permanent structures in the shortest possible time.

Two months after they were displaced, some families are still living in the tents and say they now desperately need to construct permanent structures.

A visit to Mashava to some of the affected families, exposes the harsh realities of those living in the tents.

During the day, most of the families are forced to sit outside due to the excessive heat in the tents while mornings bring with them their own challenges as morning dew results in their blankets getting wet.

Apart from the unavailability of ablution facilities, the affected villagers say the tents are beginning to give in to the heat and are beginning to tear.

Life has never been the same since the days of the floods.

Those in Mashava are now appealing for materials to build themselves decent accommodation.

For those with big families, they are forced to partition the already confined tents in order to accommodate all the family members.