douglas mwonzora.jpgThe Constitution Select Committee (COPAC) says political parties must take responsibility of their supporters’ behaviour during the Harare outreach programme to be held this weekend.

COPAC Co-chairperson, Mr Douglas Mwonzora says political parties must instill discipline in their supporters to ensure that the outreach process in Harare is successful.

He said the political parties have a prime responsibility to ensure that the process is held under a peaceful environment.

“The liaison committee met and decided that the outreach will be held in 52 centers. The outreach will be held in secure places like schools and community halls,” said Mr Mwonzora.

Police have given assurance that security will be provided.

Meanwhile, COPAC has received funding from the United Nations Development Programme to carry out outreach programmes for disabled people, prisoners and the youths to ensure that the new constitution reflects the views of all Zimbabweans.

“We will also embark on the outreach for special groups such as the disabled and we are currently making arrangements with prison authorities on the necessary steps to gather the views of the prisoners,” added Mr Mwonzora.  

The outreach teams will also visit parts of Makoni and Nyanga Districts where they were some incidences of violence during the initial outreach meetings.

COPAC says it will not accept new views after the 30th of this month except where special arrangements have been made.

The successful completion of the remaining outreach programmes will pave way for the post outreach phase leading to the referendum which is anticipated to be held early next year.