Traditional leaders have been reminded to discharge their duties with respect and guided by the principles of the country’s constitution.

The remarks were made by Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Cde Owen Ncube when he officially opened Chief Njelele’s community court in Gokwe.

Chief Njelele and his people celebrated the completion of their state of the art court that will see the Chief move away from his old court, a big mobola plum tree.

The community court was built by the community with assistance from a local donor who provided building material.

Commissioning the court, Cde Ncube took the opportunity to encourage traditional leaders to treat everyone who appears before traditional courts equally and with respect as the courts play a crucial role in the administration of justice in rural communities.

“You all need to be guided by basic principles that guide the judiciary in this country as enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe. In other words, you are all advised to treat everyone that appears in your courts equally. You must be impartial, fair and just. That way, your courts will be fully playing its role in promoting justice, peace and development in your area of jurisdiction,” said Minister Ncube. 

Delivering his remarks, Chief Njelele expressed appreciation to all those who volunteered towards the construction of the community court. 

Senator Chief Ntabeni told his counterparts to govern with respect and in conformity with the dictates of the country’s supreme law, the constitution.

Traditional courts play a critical role in the administration of justice in rural communities as they are affordable and predominantly focus on rehabilitation and restoration of harmonious relations between the offender and victim.