dr mahoso 07.09.10.jpgThe disbanding of the inclusive government and formation of a government with sustainable and consistent economic programmes and projects is the answer to fighting the European Union and other western countries’ sanctions against Zimbabwe, analysts and political commentators have said.



The sentiments comes just a few days before the EU is due to announce the extension of the illegal sanctions.

Media specialist, Dr. Tafataona Mahoso said the MDC formations who called for the illegal sanctions have failed to honour the Global Political Agreement by their reluctance to tell Europe to remove them.

He said the way forward is to disband the inclusive government and hold elections so that the winning party is able to form a government that will come up with coherent policies and programmes to restore the economy and revamp the embargo-hit social sectors.

Dr Mahoso took a swipe at MDC formations which took up the key Ministries that have been hard-hit by sanctions as they are directly linked to the lives of the people, such as health, finance and water, yet they have been denying their existence until recently when Finance Minister Tendai Biti castigated the US and the World Bank for what he called ruining his career.


“He now suddenly lashes out at the United States, not for hurting the people, not for destroying the livelihoods of the people and the country’s infrastructure through the illegal sanctions, but for making him fail as the Minister of Finance. So we must get rid of this animal called the Government of National Unity (GNU) because it has ministers who only recognise sanctions as something that has made their careers fail, rather than recognise them as a national scourge which they brought to the people when they were seeking regime change,” said Dr Mahoso.


goodson nguni 30-10-11.jpgAnother social commentator, Mr Goodson Nguni concurred that the dismantling of the inclusive government and the holding of elections is key to the fight against the illegal embargo as it is clear that the EU will renew the illegal embargo.


“There is nothing that the inclusive government has done towards the removal of sanctions. The MDCs are not faithful to the agreement they signed with Zanu PF to ask their masters in Europe to remove the sanctions. So the most honourable thing for Zanu PF to do is to pull out of the GPA and allow the people of Zimbabwe to speak through an election,” Mr Nguni said.

In her maiden interview with a local private newspaper, the British Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mrs Deborah Bronnert said the 27 member EU will extend their illegal embargo on Zimbabwe.

Former Foreign Secretary, David Miliband is on record saying the illegal measures will only be scrapped at the behest of the MDC.

The re-engagement team of government ministers from the inclusive government has said that efforts to find common ground on the issue have not yielded anything.