classroom.jpgA resource book aimed at teaching disaster risk reduction and management in schools and tertiary institutions has been launched.


Realising that children constitute the greater percentage of disaster victims because of their inexperience and dependence on parents the Civil Protection Unit working with various stakeholders including government ministries and humanitarian organisations has launched a Disaster Risk Management Resource book for the education sector in Zimbabwe.


In an interview on the sidelines of the launching ceremony, the Principal Administrative officer for training in the Civil Protection Unit Miss Melly Sibanda said the resource book will increase disaster awareness and preparedness in children.


Mr. Sibangani Sibanda who is the Country Director of the Zimbabwe Chapter of Save the Children Norway said the Disaster Risk Management Resource book was aimed at promoting effective response to disasters when they occur.


The frequency and severity of natural disasters has increased in recent years and Zimbabwe has its own share of disasters such as cyclones and floods.


The Disaster Risk Management Resource book for educational institutions, which is the first of its kind in the region will serve to consolidate the long-term development gains which have been made towards the protection of children.