Parents of a 4-year old Chinhoyi baby, Chantel Ruvarashe Chikoti are appealing for assistance to enable their daughter undergo surgery on her knees and one elbow which are stiff and cannot move.

Chantel cannot walk and can only move by way of crawling.

She had a surgical procedure earlier on performed on her feet and partially on her knees but still requires further surgery.

Chntel’s father, Mr Ishmael Chikoti, who is a photographer, has exhausted earlier savings on meeting costs of previous surgical operations and is now appealing to Zimbabweans to help him.

According to Mr Chikoti, he was advised that an operation can only be performed successfully in Malawi.

Those willing to assist can get in touch with Mr Chikoti on 0773573249 or Chantel’s mother, Dorothy Ncube on 0782256399.