disabled.pngThe disabled community is looking forward to the 2nd republic as a process that will change their way of life for the better.

The community of persons with disabilities is looking up to the new government to facilitate their economic empowerment first by aligning the Disabled Persons Act.

Mr Watson Khupe, the Bulawayo senator elect for the disabled and president of the Federation of Organisations for Disabled People in Zimbabwe (FoDPZ) said His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa has mentioned that the government is mainstreaming the disability act into community service programmes and projects to facilitate inclusivity and sustainable economic emancipation of persons with disability, news that bring relief for the affected group. 

“We hope the new cabinet will be sensitive to the needs of the disabled. We hope it will not be rhetoric as has been the case. This time around it is different because we have a caring and listening President. I hope the disabled people will soon be enjoying the fruits of the liberation war, the fruits of the independence in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Senator Khupe said, as the economy improves together with the ushering in of the devolution agenda government will commit to resuming the issuance of grants to institutions which cater for persons with disabilities in line with provisions of the Disabled Persons Act and Labour Act.

He added that government has promulgated a policy on the equalisation of employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in employment and deployment procedures.