The African Telecommunications Union (ATU) says while financial constraints remain a major setback in the digital migration programme with only 10 countries having migrated to digital broadcasting, member countries should continue with ongoing efforts towards the realisation of the objective.

The African Union agency says it take seriously the digital migration initiative given the vast benefits to be accrued and has pledged its support to member countries in the implementation of the programme.

ATU secretary general Mr Abdoulkarim Soumaila said while it is worrying that only 10 countries have managed to switch over to digital broadcasting, work being done by other member states remains encouraging and pledged the organisation’s support to the other countries who are still to on the implementation stage.

The 10 countries which have migrated to digital broadcasting include Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ghana.

The completion of the ongoing digitalisation project is expected to result in the introduction of a multiple-channel environment as well as improved audio-visual reception across the country.

On its part, the Zimbabwean government has made significant strides in the digitalisation project with the setting up of relevant infrastructure and is currently working on promoting content creation.