supa mandiwanziira.jpgThe Affirmative Action Group (AAG) has sent a two-member high level technical team to the Kimberly Process (KP) Kinshasa 2011 plenary to lobby for the immediate restoration of Zimbabwe diamond exports rights.
In a statement AAG President, Mr Supa Mandiwanzira said the move is a continuation of efforts to ensure that Zimbabwe’s diamond export rights are fully restored and respected.

He said the issue of the Marange diamonds is going to top the agenda at the meeting.

Mr Mandiwanzira said the country has the capacity to produce $1,5billion worth of diamonds per month, which could solve most of its economic challenges, if granted the permission to sell.

Minister of Mines and Mining development, Orbert Mpofu, who is leading the delegation, is expected to address the plenary tomorrow.

The rest of the KPCS member countries agreed at the last  plenary held in Jerusalem, that Zimbabwe should be allowed to export its diamonds, as it met its minimum requirements, with the exception of  America, Britain and Canada.