miners 2 11-10-10.jpgMiners’ representative bodies have called for a comprehensive diamond policy which ensures accountability and involvement of key stakeholders in the exploitation of the precious stones.
With the country in the process of formulating a diamond policy, which is expected to culminate in the enactment of a Diamond Act, stakeholders in the sector say the policy document should reflect the views of all relevant parties.

Chamber of Mines President, Mr Winston Chitando applauded the government for the ongoing consultations on the policy, emphasising on the need to ensure that the document addresses the issues of accountability and broad based participation.

Zimbabwe Miners Federation President, Mr Trynos Nkomo noted that apart from ensuring the support of downstream industries, the diamond policy should have a clause which ensures the participation of small-scale miners in the diamond industry.

The diamond policy, which is currently at the draft stage, seeks to, among other objectives, promote the country as a safe destination for diamond investors, promote accountability as well as ensuring that the valuation and marketing of the country’s diamonds meet international best practices.