anjin tour.pngIsrael-based diamond expert and consultant, Mr Chain Even-Zohar says contrary to Western media and non-governmental organisations’ propaganda, Zimbabwe’s diamond industry stands among the best in the world in terms of investments and mining standards.

The global diamond industry expert and founder of various diamond industry publications including the Diamond Intelligence Briefs newsletter, who was in the country on a familiarisation tour of the country’s diamond industry expressed satisfaction at developments taking place at the diamond fields.

Mr Even-Zohar said it is however disheartening that some western media are deliberately peddling lies about Marange, adding that there is need for those media organisations to come and have an appreciation of the progress made by the country in the development of the diamond industry.

The diamond expert, who has since left for Israel, had a chance during his two day visit to tour Anjin Investments diamond processing plant as well as ARDA Transau relocation site.

He also encouraged other participants in the global diamond industry to appreciate the significant role Zimbabwe is set to play in the global diamond industry as one of the major producers of the precious stones.

Since the formalisation of diamond mining in Marange, the western media has portrayed the country’s gemstones as ‘bloody diamonds’ despite the fact that there has not been any conflict and human rights abuse in Marange.

Observers say the western media’s propaganda is meant to tarnish the gemstones hence keeping the diamonds out of the international market.