kimberly process plant.jpgDiamond mining joint venture company, Mbada Diamonds is optimistic of increasing output from the current 90 000 to 900 000 tonnes of ore per month in the next 2 years based on positive indications from the on going exploration activities.

The 900 000 tonnes of diamond ore per month translates to around 4 million carats per month.

Mine Manager with Mbada Diamonds, Mr Gerald Sithole expressed confidence in the ability of the company to increase production tenfold in the next two years based on the ongoing exploration activities on underground diamonds.

“We intend to start exploration that is drilling programme to examine the extent of the conglomerates diamond. Our DMS plant is currently processing on average 90 000 tonnes of ore per month and we intend to increase that by tenfold,” said Mr  Sithole.

The company which has been concentrating on alluvial diamonds is set to benefit from the maximum exploitation of the conglomerates diamonds which are found several meters underground.

Observers and economic analysts believe the country can emerge as one of the fast growing economies in the region through the effective exploitation of the over 60 000 hectares of Marange diamond fields.