Professor Patrick Lumumba

Renowned Kenyan scholar Professor Patrick Lumumba, who is currently in the country for a youth indaba, says dialogue is the only way to move the nation forward saying economic and political prosperity will never be achieved without every stakeholder speaking with one voice.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s genuine call for a national dialogue is in the best interest of the country as such it is vital that everyone puts the country first before individual considerations, a message reiterated by Professor Lumumba, who arrived in the country this Thursday evening for the youth indaba.

Professor Lumumba said Zimbabwean problems are for Zimbabweans to solve and nothing positive can materialise if relevant stakeholders continue to pull in opposite directions, arguing that Kenya is on an economic recovery path because dialogue resolved political disputes which haunted the country’s progress.

“History has taught us not once, not twice, that all problems are resolved through dialogue….His Excellency the President has said that is welcome and every Zimbabwean has the need and desire to solve these problems,” Professor Lumumba said.

Professor Lumumba further urged the youth to take a leading role in building the economy and desist from being manipulated into violent behaviours.

“Any society that does not pay regard to its young people is a society at rift. Long time health of Zimbabwe and the continent at large requires that opportunities be created for young people…,” he added.

Just as Winston Churchill rightly put it across, “when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you”.