picture 020.jpgThe Zimbabwe Diabetes Association says, Diabetes is on the increase in the country and globally and currently more people are dying of the disease than of  HIV and AIDS related illnesses.


While countries are busy focusing on HIV and AIDS, it has emerged that deaths caused by Diabetes commonly reffered to as the silent killer, have overtaken the number of people who succumb to HIV and AIDS.


Zimbabwe Diabetic Association national chairperson, Mr. Ngoni Chigwana said , the kind of lifestyle and the food that is now being consumed by people has contributed to the increase in the number of diabetes sufferers.

“The last survey that was carried out in this country in 2005 showed that 10% of the population suffers from diabetes. Now because of the lifestyle that most people are now leading this number has trebled and many people are dying,” said Chigwana. 

Mr. Chigwana highlighted that the prevalence of diabetes may actually be higher than currently acknowledged because evidence-based research has shown that  50-80 % of all people with diabetes are unaware of their condition.

“The government has provided funding and so far some nurses and doctors from Harare Bulawayo, Kwekwe  have undergone training in diabetes care,” added Chigwana.

Diabetes develops when one’s body fails to produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin produced and without insulin, the body can not get energy from the food.