Diabetes has become a big health concern in modern society with an estimated 10 percent affected by the disease.

High costs of medication and lack of awareness militate against efforts to manage the condition.

Some of the major challenges facing diabetes patients have been cited as high cost of medication and low awareness leading to late detection of the disease.

Ms Locadia Gwara (72) who has lived with the condition for 30 years says she has to procure drugs at private pharmacies since they are rarely found at government hospitals with the bill occasionally running to nearly US$30 per month.

Many people don’t seem to know much about diabetes, hence eat unhealthy foods contributing to the growing prevalence of the condition.

In the rural areas, residents face peculiar challenges due to low incomes while hospitals are located far away implying people in those areas are less likely to go for medical checkups.

Medical experts say women with type 2 diabetes have a 43 percent higher risk of breast cancer relative to women without diabetes.

A combination of diabetes and obesity has also been cited as a major risk factor for death and disability.