beitbridge border post2.jpgAs the nation celebrates 30 years of independence Beitbridge local authorities have called for an urgent revamp of the Border Post infrastructure and an increase in ZIMRA staff to cater for the expected large volumes of people who will pass through the border post during the FIFA World Cup which begins in South Africa on June 11.


The call comes after the observation that the border post is currently heavily congested with some people spending more than eight hours waiting for their goods to be cleared.


A visit by the ZBC News crew to Beitbridge showed that the Border Post is heavily congested especially in the evening after 8pm when a lot of people will be crossing into Zimbabwe from South Africa while others will be travelling to Zimbabwe’s southern neighbour.


Beitbridge local Authorities have raised fears that the Border post might fail to cater for the expected increased volumes of traffic when the FIFA World Cup starts in South Africa.


Senator for Beitbridge Mrs Tambudzani  Mohadi and Member of the House of Assembly for Beitbridge West Mrs Matrinedal Madhau says it is worrying to see people spending hours and days at the border post trying to clear their goods. 


The legislators said the ZIMRA staff shortage problem requires urgent attention from government and ZIMRA adding that there is need for a proper management of human and traffic with World Cup visitors being given their own counters and offices for a fast service.


Travellers who spoke to ZBC News expressed frustration at the long time spent in queues. Some however urged government to license shops and food outlet within the Border Post area as it is difficult to get food forcing some people to buy from unlicensed vendors.


Some called for the removal of limits on goods they can purchase from across the boarder to enable them to realise a profit when they sell.


As the country celebrates 30 years of Independence observers say its time the government acts fast if the nation is serious about receiving the more than 100 000 visitors as spillover business from South Africa due to the 2010 World Cup.