Chegutu west legislator Dexter Nduna has been acquitted for unlawful discharge of a firearm by a Kadoma magistrate.

Nduna was charged for unlawfully discharging a firearm 4 times in a public place on the 1st of May last year.

Charges against him arose from an incident which occurred at Chinengundu Primary School during Zanu PF primary elections where violence erupted resulting in Nduna firing 4 shots to disperse an unruly mob that wanted to attack his aides.

All witnesses agreed that the accused’s aide Munyaradzi Shoko had been attacked and badly injured and had Nduna not fired his pistol the worst could have happened.

The court having analysed the evidence led by the state through 4 witnesses, ruled that the witnesses were contradicting each other and that there was no evidence that any competent court would rely upon to convict the accused.

All witnesses agreed that Nduna never pointed his firearm at anyone but fired upwards into the air.

The court found the testimony of the investigating officer to have been unreliable and lambasted the officer for lying under oath to cover up for his shoddy work.

The court therefore discharged Nduna before putting him to his defence based on the overwhelming evidence in his favour.