Cde Maybe Mbohwa while being sworn-in as Senator of the 9th Parliament of Zimbabwe

The Midlands Province Senator Cde Maybe Mbohwa says investing in infrastructure development is critical in transforming the country’s economy citing the need for the programme to be extended to rural communities for inclusive growth.

Presenting her maiden speech in the senate on the debate of the President’s State of the Nation address, Cde Mbohwa said besides infrastructure development there is need to ensure the provision of portable water to communities in the face of the cholera outbreak.

Cde Mbohwa added that investing in roads, schools, clinics, ICT, water systems and power generation is central to the new dispensation, hence the need for senators and citizens to work closely for the attainment of the set goals.

While officially opening the 9th Parliament, President Emmerson Mnangagwa outlined the legislative framework mentioning the customary law and local courts bill meant to ensure women are treated better, while the mandatory sentencing for rape and sexual abuse bill will also be tabled during this session to advance the rights of women.

There is also the child justice bill, which Cde Mbohwa said it is critical considering that child marriages have become rampant and government has not done enough to protect the girl child from such bad practices, hence it is important to outlaw child marriages so that perpetrators are tried and punished.

Cde Mbohwa is a Senator for Midlands province representing Gokwe North.