mutambara.jpgZimbabweans have been urged to develop independent views in international relations and shun politicization of interstate affairs by western nations, Deputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mutambara has said. 


The call to develop liberal views follows the actions by MDC-T officials who snubbed the Islamic Republic of Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his recent tour to the country to officially open the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.


Deputy Prime Minister Professor Mutambara said the nation should not be afraid to interact with countries such as Iran, which share a similar background with Zimbabwe, noting that Zimbabweans should not get involved in wrangling between the United States of America and Iran.


Prof Mutambara said: “We have no business boycotting Iran, no business getting involved in fighting between Iran and USA. We should be independent thinkers and even the Americans will respect us for that.”


Iran has been vilified and punished by western countries for enrichment of uranium for nuclear energy and taking a stance in defence of its national sovereignty, a situation similar to Zimbabwe’s.


Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara noted that industry should learn how Iran successfully developed its industry and energy sector only 31 years after the Iran Revolution.


The MDC-T which snubbed the Iranian leader by not attending ceremonies during his visit were widely quoted in the media as saying hosting President Ahmadinejad was like “like inviting a mosquito to cure malaria”.