madziyire.jpgChurches have been urged to desist from violence but to focus on serving the Lord and spread the message of love and peace as they are a pillar in nation building.


The country has witnessed a fair share of conflict in the churches with some ending up seeking mediation of the courts and law enforcement agents.

However, this has led observers to ask what role the church has towards nation building.

Apostolic Faith Ministries President Dr Asaph Madziyire has implored churches to build peace and realize that leaders are not called for positions but to serve the Lord and the nation. He said this in an interview with ZBC News at AFM Harare South Convention in Harare. 


“We should with that right word of God be able  to bring reconciliation, restoration to those divided families, to the people in problems. As a church we are going with crusades, revivals, we are coming up with family building, young people’s ministries…..,” said Dr Madziyire.

Dr Madziyire said to curb the HIV and AIDS scourge people must desist from premarital sex and homosexuality as this brings misfortune on the country.

The inclusive government has called upon the church to actively participate in the national healing and reconciliation programme that is meant to promote peaceful co-existence among people of different political and religious affiliations for national progress.