zvidzai 23.08.10.jpgAs the infighting within the MDC-T continues ahead of the party’s congress, the Bindura Town Council has castigated the Deputy Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Mr. Sessel Zvidzai for interference and causing confusion within the local authority.

Confusion continues to reign supreme in most MDC-T dominated local authorities with the latest being Bindura municipality which has been rocked by chaos, following reports of alleged interference by Deputy Minister Zvidzai.

With reports that Mr. Zvidzai is fighting his Minister, Dr Ignatius Chombo on the reinstatement of ousted Mayor, Councillor Tinashe Madamombe who was suspended due to misconduct, the current executive are questioning the interference by the Deputy Minister.

The Acting Bindura Mayor, Councillor Ivory Wakatama blasted Mr. Zvidzai for causing confusion by meddling in council operations as he wants a member of his faction, Tinashe Madamombe to be re-instated as mayor.

“We are really worried with the state of affairs as the Deputy Minister is fighting Chombo over the firing of a corrupt person, we are not happy as this disrupts council business,” said Councillor Wakatama.

Other councillors from the local authority say they have since written a petition to Prime Minister, Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai for the removal of Mr. Zvidzai whom they say is working against the provision of service delivery in favour of mere politicking.

“We have a petition we want to present to Mr Tsvangirai to remove this character from our midst,” one Councillor said.

Turning to the media reports that Mashonaland Central Governor and Resident Minister, Advocate Martin Dinha acquired a stand for 48 cents, former Mayor, Councilor Danisa Wakatama said it is a smear campaign as the Governor got the property as part of his package when he was the town’s mayor.

“I was the mayor during the time the audit was done and he benefited as part of his exit package,” Councillor Wakatama said.

Government fired Bindura Mayor, Mr. Tinashe Madamombe and Councillor Christopher Mazembe for corruption charges.

In Harare, two MDC-T councillors, Warship Dumba and Casper Takura and a Zanu PF Councillor, Clever Manhombo were also fired on allegations of corruption and dishonest conduct.