The fight against cholera has not only drawn the attention of the government but also of the football fraternity.

Members of the Dynamos FC Supporters Association in Harare held a clean-up campaign at Tichagarika shopping centre in Glenview this Sunday as part of their contribution in the fight against cholera.

Glenview recorded the highest cholera cases in Harare, hence supporters of the club which brags of having the largest following in the country, said it is best to begin the initiative in the area, expressing that this is meant to raise awareness that every member of the society has a role to play when it comes to health matters.

Dynamos Supporters Association Organising Secretary and Chairperson, Mr Patrick Muzvondiwa and Mr Patrick Karikoga respectively said it is crucial for soccer clubs to engage in social responsibility programmes outside football stadiums.

Speaking on behalf of the Harare City Council, Mrs Trish Mukudu thanked the club for the positive cause, adding that cleanliness and hygienic practices should be an everyday thing.

The initiative by Dynamos supporters has been well received by neutrals who say it is not common to find fans being so thoughtful given the trauma the club is facing as it fighting to preserve its Premier Soccer League (PSL) status following a spate of poor results.