delta_corporation_logo.jpgA local beverage manufacturer, Delta Corporation, has pumped in US$200 million under the 3 year period towards the installation of new equipment to increase production output.

In a bid to increase production capacity in the beverage manufacturing industry, a local firm has been working on the recapitalisation model, with a view to meet demand.


In an interview after the tour of the manufacturing plants in the capital by ZBC employees, Delta Corporation Corporate Affairs Director, Mr. George Mutendadzamera said the recapitalisation plan is spanned over 3 years with various amounts of money being invested towards realising improved production capacity.

“We have invested US$50 million  in 2009, US$82 million  in 2010 while this year the firm is planning to invest US$67 million dollars which have been used to install bottling lines for sparkling plant, larger line and sorghum line. Currently, capacity utilisation is standing at 68% which shows the good performance of the organisation,” said Mutendadzamera.

Firms have been struggling to reach 50% capacity utilisation owing to sanctions induced challenges leading to failure by companies to access the much needed lines of credit to recapitalise their operations. Currently the industry is operating at 45% owing.