A leading beverage manufacturer is playing its huge part in contributing to lessening the country’s economic burdens through supporting upstream and downstream value chains.

Whilst other big corporate companies are cry babies when it comes to dealing with economic challenges facing the country, a leading beverages manufacturer Delta Zimbabwe says instead of waiting for allocations of foreign currency for its critical raw materials that can be produced locally, the company is involved in outgrowers schemes with farmers for its sorghum and barley requirements which has made the supply of alcoholic beverages constant in the market.

“We spend at least $20 million annually in providing our farmers across the country to grow barley, malt and sorghum. This is the reason why you have seen a steady supply of our alcoholic beverages because we don’t queue for forex for something that can be grown locally,” said the company’s financial director Mr Matts Valela.

The firm says, besides importing concentrates, their other foreign currency requirements is for packaging materials like bottles and glasses because the packaging material industry has since collapsed due to maladministration.

“We had a stake in Zimglass which is now under liquidation because there was incompetent management. We have acquired a stake in Nampak which is a global player in packaging material production but still some of the raw materials still need to be imported,” Delta Beverages public relations manager Mr Alex Makamure said.

It is imperative that everyone assumes their individual and institutional responsibility in helping Zimbabwe to come out of its economic problems rather than heaping the responsibility on government to reconstruct the economy.