delegates mutare.jpgDelegates to the just ended 11th ZANU PF Annual National People’s Conference have described it as a success and welcomed the various resolutions that were passed during the meeting saying ZANU PF is on the rebound.


The 11th National People’s Conference hosted in the eastern border town of Mutare last weekend discussed various issues touching different aspects of life in Zimbabwe.

Among the topics were the situation in the ZANU PF party, the situation in the country, the state of the economy, social services and transport and communication services.

The conference which was held under the theme ‘Total control of our resources through indigenisation and empowerment’ was aimed at further empowering the people of Zimbabwe by allowing them to utilise their God-given resources.

Following the land reform programme which delivered land to the people, focus is now on ensuring that Zimbabweans participate in the exploitation and use of their resources through participation in areas such as mining and industry.

Other resolutions were also passed on the social services sector where calls were loud and clear that the national budget should continue prioritising education, health and other services.

In the transport and communication sectors, it was observed that there is need to revamp the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to reduce the over usage of roads by haulage trucks which are contributing to further damage of the existing road network.