cde mnangagwa e.jpgDefence Minister, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has hit out on some sections of the private media for peddling imperialists’ agenda following a publication in a local daily newspaper on Independence Day alleging that Zimbabweans have suffered 31 years of hell.

Commenting on an article from a local daily which alleges that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces have become a political appendage used to brutalise the society which it must serve and protect, Cde Mnangagwa said the private media’s propensity of misleading the world was undesirable.

On the achievements made by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces since independence, Cde Mnangagwa said the national forces had played a pivotal role in safeguarding regional and international peace, in line with its constitutional mandate of defending Zimbabwe’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests.

Despite assertions that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces brutalise people, Zimbabwean troops have participated globally in United Nations military operations.

Meanwhile, on the regional arena, Zimbabwe helped in bringing peace to Mozambique and the DRC.


Zimbabwe is also part of the SADC Brigade which is a standby force that seeks to maintain peace and stability within all member states.


daily news and herald.jpgZanu PF Central Committee member, Senator Mandi Chimene has strongly condemned the article in a local daily newspaper which alleges that there is disintegration of the rule of law in Zimbabwe and that the country is uninhabitable saying it is not reflective of the situation on the ground.

On the day when the country was celebrating 31 years of independence, Zimbabweans woke up to find a screaming headline in a local daily newspaper alleging that it actually had been 31 years of hell.

Responding to the article which she said is absurd and does not reflect the true story of Zimbabwe, Cde Chimene said in the last 31 years, the country has achieved great success stories in empowering the black majority through land reform and indigenisation in addition to the freedom enjoyed by all Zimbabweans.

Cde Chimene said the writer of the article clearly demonstrates irresponsible journalism and total ignorance which can create chaos.


Turning to leadership values, Cde Chimene said Zimbabwean political leaders need to have good political track records as shown by revolutionaries such as Head of State and Government and Commander-in- Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe.


She said it is time Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai proved his political history if he would like to lead Zimbabwe rather than relying on advice from imperialist detractors bent on denigrating the achievements brought about by independence.

Whilst government has always urged media practitioners to practise responsible journalism which paints a correct picture of events, some sections of the private media have exploited sensationalism for cheap political gains.