e-learning.jpgThe local business community has called upon policy makers to move with speed in enacting regulations which deal with cybercrime given the growing cases of cyber attacks in the region.

With most countries in the region having responded to cybercrime, government has been urged to speed the crafting and enactment of regulations which deal with cyber attacks given its threat.

A delegate at the on-going Forensic Conference being held in the capital, Mr. Danny Myburgh emphasised the need for the country to complement efforts by regional counterparts in combating hi-tech crime through enacting regulations which criminalises such attacks.

“There is indeed a noticeable gap in terms of legislation if you compare with other regional countries. It is imperative therefore for central government to make use of international standards and craft regulations to deal with cybercrime,” said Mr. Myburgh.

Sales Operations Programme Manager with a local IT firm, Mr. Gilchrist Mushwana noted that besides enactment of deterrent penalties on cybercrime, there is also need for raising awareness on cybercrime given the little knowledge of such attacks on the local market.

“If you look at the existing laws governing communication industry you will realise that the regulations are outdated and not deterrent enough to deal with cybercrime,” Mr. Mushwana said.

Cyber crime is a form of offence which is connected to communicating devices.

The growth of e-commerce being aided by online sales has also seen a rise in malicious crime of computer fraud as perpetrators continue to update their technologies.

On the contrary, the country has not amended laws governing the internet.