brazil floods.jpgRescuers are trying to find survivors in cut-off areas of south-eastern Brazil hit by deadly floods that have left at least 470 people dead.


Heavy rain has brought massive mudslides down on the towns of Nova Friburgo, Teresopolis and Petropolis and thousands have been made homeless.

President Dilma Rousseff visited and expressed solidarity with communities and vowed a shipment of seven tonnes of medicines.


Many people yesterday scrabbled with their bare hands through debris searching for their loved ones.

In the Campo Grande area of Teresopolis, which was earlier cut off, rescuers found family members pulling bodies from the mud.


The mayor of Teresopolis, Jorge Mario said a number of neighbourhoods were totally destroyed in rural areas.


Infrastructure destroyed in these areas includes houses, roads and bridges.

The Brazilian armed forces have set up a field hospital and hundreds of people have taken refuge in the gymnasium in Teresopolis.

Reports say the number of injured people is threatening to overwhelm the medical services.