The District Development Fund (DDF) is undertaking a nationwide irrigation infrastructure rehabilitation programme that will see 63 irrigation schemes being resuscitated.

The DDF has been directed by government to spearhead the resuscitation of irrigation schemes that are lying idle in the country’s 8 rural provinces.

A US$240 000 facility has been availed to fund the implementation of the programme.

DDF director of water supplies and maintenance, Mr Edwin Toriro said the initial implementation phase is focusing on rehabilitation of 8 irrigation projects before year end.

So far, one such scheme Lazenby in Zvimba South, has since been commissioned and will benefit about 30 families who have embarked on wheat production.

DDF director of land development and tillage services, Mr Tambirai Chiwera said the resuscitation of the irrigation schemes create more demand for tillage services, a need that can be fulfilled through repairs of the department’s fleet of tractors.

About US$500 000 is needed for the tractor repairs.

A member of the newly commissioned Lazenby irrigation scheme, Mr Maplan Chitsuro and Zvimba  ward 21, Councillor Mr Enock Chivambu said the members are taking ownership of the project and will jealously guard the rehabilitated infrastructure to from vandalism.

The country is said to have about 10 000 dams that are being underutilised due to the absence of irrigation schemes.